The Spoils of El Rastro

If anyone's interested, this is what I managed to dig up at El Rastro yesterday in Madrid.
Finally found myself a leather backpack! It kind of smells though. 
I'm not complaining, it's the size and color that I wanted at a price that I could afford (25 euros).
It'll be perfect for when I go to Lollapalooza!

Here's what I found in respect to vintage, not exactly vintage gold, but at a euro a piece...
it's not too shabby!
This tunic pieces looks really weird on, so I'm saving it for a project that I have in mind. 
Isn't the print fun?

These were some knick-knacks that I found. They shall be reincarnated into an assortment of jewelry.

These two pins are definitely my favorite. The one on the left is like an itty-bitty mosaic!

I found these embalmed creepy-crawlies at another vendor for .50 euro a pop. These will definitely be made into either earrings or funky pendants. A part of me is slightly disgusted by them, but the other part of me surpasses those emotions and thinks they're awesome!

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Just Woke Up

I took a longer siesta than usual today. I won't tell you exactly how long because it's a little embarrassing. It's probably my body still recovering from yesterday's day trip. Either that, or me doing my best to put off studying for tomorrow's exams! (boo hiss hiss)

->Dark Wash Denim Skirt Dress, Thrifted/Hemmed
->Leopard Print Flats, H&M
->Red Scrap Fabric worn as Headwrap, Random Guy in Plaza Mayor during World Cup
->Ethnic Belt, Thrifted
->Artisan Leather Backpack, El Rastro de Madrid

Now I really ought to study! Until next time, ♥.

Another's Treasure  – (July 26, 2010 at 6:18 PM)  

Wow! Awesome finds! I especially love the scorpion keychains- they remind me of the bug ring I have :)


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