Siesta of Champions

A close-up of a past DIY pendant project: Bullet Shell Encased Piece o' Quartz Crystal.
->Bullet Shell Casing: Garage Sale
->Quartz Crystal: Baggie bought at Antique Mall
->Wire: Local Craft Store

What I'm Reading: Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions, Thrifted
When I come home from class around 1:30pm, I am immediately served my three-course lunch. I'm usually done by 2pm, at which point I am in full siesta-mode. I hole myself up in my room, not to be seen again until 5pm. During this time, I check the interworkings of the interwebs, read some Vonnegut, take my outfit photos, and finally! my siesta. The siesta is my favorite activity here in Spain. My grammar teacher said that she doesn't know any Spaniards that take siestas, that it's mainly a tourist thing along with drinking Sangria. Honestly, I don't care. I love my siesta. It helps me keep up with my school and the nightlife. Plus, it keeps me from spending my money. Naps are free! 
It'll be hard once I get back to the States. We need a siesta break!

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Day Two of Cooler Weather
->Chambray Button-Up, Thrifted
->Beige Beanie, Burlington Coat Factory
->Black Skinnies, Half of Half
->Caramel Oxfords, Thrifted
->Bullet Shell Necklace, DIY by Me

Energy spent during night of dancing brought to you by the Spanish Siesta.
Stay tuned! We're exploring one of the malls tomorrow...should be fun!

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