I Should've Waited.

I'm really bad about writing new entries, my sincerest apologies. These past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, what with final papers and presentations and creating a website and other events. So busy, I wasn't even all that excited when my birthday came and went. However, I do have lovelies in my life that made my night, that is...once I finally got out of class at 7pm.

Right after I was set free, I drove over to Dogtown where I waited until my little sister and her boyfriend got off work from Cici's. They special-made me this buffalo wing pizza, 
with "Happy Birthday" written in the buffalo sauce.

Then, when I got back to the apartment...I had a lovely cake waiting for me by the wonderful Pornz! Her blog's about our future travels to Spain, as noted in the icing.

Classes officially ended on Monday, giving me time to do fun stuff. By fun, I mean going to the library downtown to pay my fine. Eh, it was only 60 cents. Since I was already there, I picked up a couple of reads for *gasp* pleasure reading.
What a NOVEL concept!
I also wanted a reason to TOTE around my new book bag. 
(Ba-dum-cha? Damn.) 
It was scored at the Beebe Flea Market for a mere dime. Also, the booties...aren't they divine? Found them at Savers. They feel like I'm wearing slippers!

Whilst neglecting my blog, I have been updating my lookbook. I neeeeeed to take pictures in a setting away from my room! There are some fun spots around campus, but I can only imagine the stares I'd get. We'll see how things pan out once summer's in full session. I bought the red gingham dress this past weekend in the Goodwill of Jacksonville. The kind clerk let me have it for the price of a blouse, knocking off a dollar in savings. The darts just needed a few alterations for a better fit, forcing the sewing machine from out of the shadows.

 So, I began packing up my worldly possessions this week, in hopes that it will lighten the load by the time that I have to be completely out next Thursday. I have no idea what compelled me to pack up my wall decor tonight, but I did. Now my walls are barren and I might not be able to cope. It's amazing what a few pieces hung up on the wall can do for the psyche. I'm tempted to put them back up, at least my Animal Collective poster, but that would require more time than what it took to take down...and...I'm lazy.

The Before: Photography bought from a friend, butt-art I did in high school, decorated cork-board, and my freaking awesome Animal Collective Poster.

The After: Barren White Walls. 
((Warning: May induce nausea and/or severe depression and anxiety.))

Now's a good time to hit the sack. I have an orientation meeting for Spain (!!!) and more packing waiting for me once I awake from my slumber.

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