DANGER: High Voltage

skirt, goodwill//boots and cardigan, savers//necklace, Starr's Moving Sale//
Tights and kneehighs, TJ Maxx//Lace Tank, H&M in Spain//Leopard Headscarf, Gift
Silly little me is obviously losing it. 
I've been staying at my parent's for Spring Break because it's convenient for my week-long gig.
I left photos on blog posts ready to be narrated and whatnot and well, I forgot.
So, today's post went up with zero commentary...RAWR!
My apologies. Honestly, I don't even remember when I wore this. Sometime last week. Saturday, perhaps?
But hey! You can see how I decorate my room a little, including stolen (ahem, borrowed) construction signs.

I rescued this lovely necklace from Starr's moving sale that she had recently. 
The colors are lovely. Just perfect. Wow, I really
don't have much to say. 
Hmmm...but do stay tuned for tomorrow!
'Tis a special day for my lil'gimpy blog and we need to celebrate.
Just saying. Keep an eye out.

Until next time, ♥.

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