Gold That Ain't Gaudy.

Bodysuit, H&M Spain//Vest, Goodwill//Hemmed Skirt and Belt, Wolfe Street//
Tights, UO//Boots, Ebay//Uniform Socks, Chile//Eskuche Headphones via 80s Purple
Continuing yesterday's audiophile theme, check out my headphones!
The  splurge of the semester were these Eskuche rose-gold headphones via 80s Purple.
I justified this small reward because I knew I'd get my money's worth.
You see, I always listen to my iPod as I make my way to class.
Also, my prior earbuds probably made it appear as though I was ignoring friends, 
when I was simply engrossed by whatever I had in rotation at the moment.
I kind of have a thing for music.

At least now people will see these and know that I am not intentionally ignoring them?
And they're the most perfect shade of gold, just dark enough not to be obnoxiously gaudy.

And, not only do they look good...but they sound great!
Who says you can't listen to music and look good whilst doing it?

Until next time, ♥.

Honor  – (March 16, 2011 at 11:37 AM)  

ahh they are so cool! I've gotta pair of gold headphones but they are more metalic then shiny, yours are way better :P

My Hideaway  – (March 16, 2011 at 5:06 PM)  

Oh, I love those headphones! I need some too. Didn't want to spend the money but I hate earbuds and they never stay in my left ear for some reason anyway.

Midwest Mayhem  – (March 17, 2011 at 12:10 AM)  

Those are some rock'n headphones!

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