Pending Alterations

After a 50-minute long Spanish exam this morning, I am finally free to do as I please.
Not really though, I'm currently cringing at my lengthy To-Do (Or Die) List.
Before tackling that bad boy, I hope I can procrastinate by doing some long-awaited alterations.
This is what I pulled out from my closet, I'm sure there's more lurking around.
It's mainly hemming and mending and button-swapping.
Here's to a productive holiday!

Until next time, ♥.

Rachel  – (November 30, 2010 at 4:03 AM)  

this is totally what I'm doing tomorrow morning before work. I have a couple hours free so I'm just going to tackle as many easy hemming, button sewing, small alteration type things as possible. good luck with your sewing pile!

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